Piano Day Prague: Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres [UK]

Mikoláš Růžička [CZ] + Mikuláš Tichý [CZ]

British composer Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres performs at Spectaculare as part of the global Piano Day event

International Piano Day is a worldwide event celebrating the piano, founded a few years ago by a group of artists and producers led by pianist Nils Frahm. It takes place on the 88th day of the year and this year we will celebrate it together on 28 March in the beautiful Mirror Chapel of Prague's Klementinum. Prague will thus join several other world capitals. This year's Piano Day Prague will feature British multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres, who will play pieces from her solo works. The new album Doma III. will be premiered live by Mikuláš Růžička. And the talented discovery Mikuláš Tichý, who made his debut last year with the soundtrack to the theatre production of The Glory of the Daughter, will also perform. Piano Day Prague is produced in cooperation with the Piano Day initiative, the GOODGOOD cultural platform and the Spectaculare festival.

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres (UK) is an award-winning film composer and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to scoring feature documentaries (TISH, The Oil Machine and Long Live My Happy Head), she has released two studio albums. Her successful debut 2 years Stranger (2020) was positively reviewed by e.g. The Guardian UK and her second solo album Play Echoes (2022) was recorded with the all-girl Her ensemble. The album was largely recorded over two weeks in a studio in Berlin's Funkhaus LEITER complex founded by Nils Frahm and his manager Felix Grimm. Also the creators of the Piano Day initiative.

Mikoláš Růžička is a composer who has previously worked in the indie bands Republic of Two and Piano. His solo work is on the border between neoclassical music and ambient. In the authentic environment of his home studio he has already recorded three solo albums - cycles Doma I, II and III, which capture the present moment of free time with his family. The last part III will be released in mid-February 2024. Mikoláš is also the author of the soundtrack for the Czech feature film Do větru.

Mikuláš Tichý is a student of composition at the Jan Deyl Conservatory in Prague. In his work he combines elements of classical composition with minimalism through the poetics of his own view of the world. In his instrumental compositions he creates dreamy landscapes of feelings and more sober mornings of everyday life, breathing with their dynamics and earthiness, reminding us that music is the esperant of human souls. He has composed music for the computer game Her To Stay and the theatre production of The Glory of the Daughter, among others. He is releasing his debut EP in spring 2024. In addition to his own original work, he is also a member of the band Rach.