Sylvain Chauveau [FR]
pres. Ensemble 0

Andert Tysma [NL]

The French king of minimalism Sylvain Chauveau and his ensemble 0 will perform at the Convent of St. Gabriel

French ambient composer Sylvain Chauveau, one of the most important contemporary representatives of "silent music”, is coming to Spectaculare festival with his project ensemble 0. In this ensemble, represented by musicians from all over the world, he explores all the forms of minimalism played on acoustic instruments. A special evening in the eclectic space of the Garden of Eden at Gabriel Loci will also feature Dutch composer and producer Andert Tysma, who is about to invite ambient listeners to an introspective musical experience complemented by site-specific visuals.

Vizuály: Jan Rozsypal a Lukáš Dřevjaný

Ground zero for ensemble 0 was 2004, when a quartet of friends led by Sylvain Chauveaum decided to form an ensemble dedicated to contemporary acoustic music. It was also then that the idea of a fluid and geometrically unchanging line-up was born; the original members were from France, Catalonia and Belgium, but in the years that followed Ensemble 0 has grown to include dozens of friendly musicians from all over the world. They have released ten albums so far on labels such as Flau and Crammed Disc. "It's music that is both instantly appealing and permanently elusive," The Wire magazine wrote of their recordings.

The repertoire of ensemble 0 revolves around various forms of minimalism. Symbolically, they started their career with the greatest classic of the genre - the famous "silent" composition by John Cage 4'33", which they released in five versions on their debut album from 2006. Over the course of its existence, Ensemble 0 has played works by Moondog, Julius Eastman, Arthur Russell and George Ligeti, to name a few. However, they are coming to Prague with their own composition, Jojoni, written by the trio Sylvain Chauveau, Stéphane Garin and Joël Mérah and released on the album in the summer of 2023. The same line-up will also bring ensemble 0 to the Garden of Eden hall in Smíchov's Gabriel Loci space, where they will play an acoustic concert.

The first Prague concert of ensemble 0 will be accompanied by the Dutch composer and producer Andert Tysma, who is based alternately in Berlin and Amsterdam. He studied jazz, but has no problem mixing best practices and traditional instruments with contemporary electronics. His music is characterized by a strong sense of melody and a desire to create an immersive and introspective listening experience. His debut album, Children Of Trinoom, was released by UK label Apollo in autumn 2022 and features Tysma capturing his childhood memories in an abstract, neo-classical style.

Tysma has toured the world in the past with bands of all genres, his bass or piano can be heard on many recordings and he has also done some very original remixes. However, he has always gravitated towards his own compositions."It took me a long time to get over the fear of being responsible for my own music," he says in the interview, but Children Of Trinoom sounds sovereign and his love of blues or country can be heard. On March 27th we will hear him together with ensemble 0 at the concert held at Gabriel Loci as part of Spectaculare_11.